15 Things to Pack for the Night Before Your Wedding

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Can you believe that your wedding day is tomorrow? Me neither! But before we get to the BIG DAY you’re going to need a few things for the night before. Because there’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere and realising you’ve forgotten something, let’s pack your overnight bag!

Things to Pack for the Night Before Your Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks Warrior Rose Events 3

1. Sleepwear

Clean, comfy PJs are a must. You want to be comfortable when relaxing the night before, and if they button up they’ll be perfect for lounging in while getting your hair and make-up done.

2. Personal sleep items

Whenever I travel or go camping, I pack a few extras that I don’t normally sleep with like earplugs and an eye mask. Whatever those are for you, make sure you add them into your bag.

3. Bra and undies for the morning

Sounds like a given, but making sure you have fresh undies and the right bra for the wedding day is key. Remember to check with your dress’ boutique or designer about what’s going to suit you best for supporting the ladies throughout the day.

4. Spare undies

Spare undies are great to have available for a number of reasons.

  • Accidents happen. No shame in it! Just be prepared cause you never know.
  • You may decide that the pair you planned to wear isn’t right or comfortable enough.
  • Visible undie lines under your dress

5. Skincare and shower products

Because you’re getting your hair and makeup done in the morning, you won’t need or want anything too heavy. Just follow your normal night-time skincare routine and make sure you shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would. Your hairdresser will want fresh, clean and dry hair to work with in the morning.

I also suggest a shower and shave the night before, and maybe another shower in the morning so you feel super fresh.

How to Pack for the Night Before Your Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks Warrior Rose Events 2

6. Jewellery, watch, hair accessories, shoes

These are the items you intend to wear for the wedding which includes, but are not limited to:

  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • Necklace
  • Hairpieces
  • Veil
  • Shoes (I strongly suggest having the GOALS pair and a comfy pair you can take to slip on when the night gets late)
  • Something blue
  • Family mementoes

7. A light robe or button-up shirt

If your PJs don’t button up, make sure you have a button-up shirt or robe to wear during hair and make-up. This will ensure you don’t ruin your hair or makeup by pulling a shirt over your heard when it’s time to get dressed.

Things to Pack for the Night Before Your Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks Warrior Rose Events 2

8. Breakfast or snacks

Line up a friend, family member, or bridesmaid to bring/fetch breakfast in the morning. You will get hungry later even if you’re not at the time and fuel is important on such a big day.
Go with something you can easily cut up (like a breakfast frittata) or that is in bite-sized pieces (sushi, hot chips, fruit). This will minimise the chances of it touching the outside of your mouth while you eat, protecting your makeup.

Also, don’t forget to take off your bridalwear while eating so you don’t spill or drop anything on your outfit.

9. ID and cash cards

You are unlikely to need either of these during the day, but it is worth knowing where they are should the need arise. You never know where the night might take you and if you do decide you’re craving ice cream from that little place down the road, it’s easy to commission a bridesmaid or groomsman for the task.

10. Phone charger

Again, you won’t or shouldn’t really have your phone onhand during the day (if there was ever a situation to live in the moment it’s this one), but if for any reason you need to be reached or want to scroll through your phone in the morning, it’s charged.

11. Love letter from your spouse-to-be

I think it is so special to write a love note for your fiance to read the morning of your wedding. It’s a beautiful moment and a great connection point when you aren’t seeing each other until the ceremony.

Things to Pack for the Night Before Your Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks Warrior Rose Events

12. Bridal party gifts

If you are doing a morning-of gift for your ladies or men, remember to pack them!
And, if you can, wait to gift them till your photographer arrive and can capture that moment.

13. Personal items of keepsakes for the day

If you have something pinned to or hanging from your bouquet, make sure you pack this and give it to your coordinator or maid-of-honour to attach before you walk down the aisle. Any other special pieces or family mementoes have ready for photos and to take with you.

14. Wedding dress

An obvious no-brainer! But it’s not the norm and it can be easily forgotten when you’re packing your overnight bag or honeymoon suitcase. Add it to your list and don’t forget to have it steamed the night before or the morning of.

15. Leaving outfit

There’s a big chance you will be sick of wearing your wedding dress or suit at the end of the night. Especially if you are travelling (road-trip, plane or other), having an outfit available to change into gives you the option of leaving comfy or leaving fancy. Both are a great choice, but having the option available just in case is important.

Until next time, keep making your special moment unforgettable x


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How to Pack for the Night Before Your Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks Warrior Rose Events


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