5 Essentials for Your Bridal Fitting

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Bridal fittings are one of my favourite parts of helping plan weddings and being invited along is always a privilege. But, it can be an intimidating experience when you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare. Don’t worry, consultants know that it’s probably the first time you’ve ever done or been to one so it’s okay to be unsure! They’ll guide you through the process and by reading this blog you’re going to go in with a foundation of what to expect and what you want. So, let’s get into Five Essentials for Your Bridal Fitting!

Essentials for Your Bridal Fitting Best Wedding Planning Tips Warrior Rose Events 2

Essential #1: Your underwear

Seems like a no-brainer but it needs to be said. You might be confident going commando in front of people, and may even be planning to do so on your wedding day, but your bridal consultant does not need or want to see you that naked. So! Wear or bring the underwear you expect to wear on your day and remember to wear a strapless bra. This will allow you to gauge dress options without awkward straps, or you can take the bra off. I know, for some reason it’s less awkward to see upstairs in the nude than downstairs.

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Essential #2: Your wedding shoes

If you already have your wedding shoes and veil picked out, take them with you to see how they suit the dresses as you try them on. If you don’t have these already, it’s all good. Simply keep in mind that your dress may need to be shortened to suit a low heel, or you may need a lower heel if the dress is already the perfect length; one affects the other.

Same with your veil; if you want the back of your dress to be shown off, you won’t want a super long, or detailed veil (if you want to wear a veil at all). There are so many different styles of veil so you are sure to find something that suits your dress. If you’re starting with your veil, consider it’s style, length and detailing and how that will complement the dress.

Essential #3: Inspiration photos

Picking a dress can be overwhelming and most studios have hundreds of different dresses, so going armed with some inspiration photos will really help. If you don’t have any idea what you do want, do you know what you don’t want? For me, I didn’t want my dress to hug my figure, to cut too low in the front or be restrictive in any way but that’s all I knew. This was surprisingly helpful to the consultant or helped me and the first dress I put on was A) perfect and B) the one I went home with. It’s funny how far you can get with only a few ideas or preferences.

Essential #4: Know your budget

Before you book an appointment at a studio, know your budget. Know what your preferred range is as well as what your absolute max is. Your absolute max is the “I want to keep it under $2,500 but I would go to $3,000 if I absolutely adore it” kind of max. When you arrive, be upfront about it; most consultants won’t put you in a dress outside your budget as professional practise so telling them your range is key.

Essentials for Your Bridal Fitting Best Wedding Planning Tips Warrior Rose Events

If you’re not super confident with talking about price and budget, ask a friend or family member to go with you and help you with those conversations. Don’t forget to factor in alterations or rush order surcharges into your budget.

Essential #5: Hype team

No bride, or groom, should go dress or suit shopping alone. Take at least one friend or take a small tribe (aim to keep it under five including yourself) to hype you through the process. We’ve all stood in a changing room trying on a dress or outfit and just not known if the outfit fit right or looked great. We’re our own worst critic so take someone who will encourage and build your confidence while helping you find the One. Cause really, who doesn’t want a hype team ready to “ooh” over everything you put on?

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Go get yourself a dress!


Until next time xx

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