5 Wedding Extras to Make Your Guests Go WOW!

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Wedding days are so special and as a soon-to-be-married person, I’m guessing you’d like it to be especially memorable (for the right reasons); am I right? But it can be hard to know how to really WOW your guests if you don’t know what’s out there and what can make a statement, aside from the decor, venue, food and cake. Sometimes we want a little extra spice, don’t we? Well, look no further because here are FIVE wedding extras to make your guests go WOW!

(in no particular order)

1. Photo Booths

I know it can sound cliche, but getting the right photo booth will seriously elevate your reception and your guest’s experience on your wedding day. There are so many fun features and extras to choose from and most will provide both printed and digital copies of the photos, which means you get to scroll through all your friend’s silly faces and see them let loose a bit.


My go-to for photo booths? PhotoIllustrated or In the Booth.
PhotoIllustrated does a curtain or wall design, open-air booths, create your own GIF options, and prints as many copies as you need for your guests and a book just for you.
In the Booth is just as fun and does closed booths for a little more…privacy 😉 You won’t know till later what fun your guests got up to in there and it’s a hoot to flick through later.

2. Gelato Cart

If I had known this was a thing, I 100% would have had this at my wedding (especially cause I got married in the summer). Gelato carts are so fun for your guests; they add a fun but classy element to your event and are exactly what you need if you’re having an outdoor reception. I also think they’re a great addition to post-ceremony nibbles or canapes because it gives your guests a fun little treat after the ceremony and during photo time.


I recommend Wheel and Spoon or Dolci & Co. Both allow you to pick a few flavours and the type of umbrella to suit your theme. Seriously, I’ve had the pleasure of working with both and tyring their flavours; they are delicious and everything you want on a warm afternoon.

3. Food Trucks

I love food trucks for a pre-reception snack or your reception dinner option. They aren’t super common outside of markets in Brisbane which make them a bit of a novelty and that much more exciting. They also offer a variety of flavours and food style options. You can get anything from American Hot Dogs to Asian Street Food. Can you say YUM?


For this, let me point you towards Snoop Dwags (American) and The Italian Job Catering Co (Italian). Again, both offer insanely delicious foods and they’re super easy and kind to work with.

4. Doughnut Walls

Okay, so, I haven’t gotten to do one of these yet, but I have attended a few events with them and I honestly adore Doughnut Walls. I think they’re an elegant spin on a casual and fun food option. They make a statement, can be designed to suit your theme and most cater for dietary restrictions too!
BONUS: it can double as your cake/dessert option.


I don’t have any suggestions for these yet, but get on it! You won’t regret having one of these.

5. Bar Cart

If you’re keen to have alcohol at your event, as most of us are, may I suggest a Bar Cart? These are especially perfect if you don’t want a full bar of your event is quite small and intimate. You can request certain drinks from beers to spirits, depending on your preference and they really add an element of class (definitely more than bottles in an Esky), in my opinion.


My number one recommendation for this? Vintage on Tap. You have a selection of decor and design for your set-up, guarantee quality service and can cater for beers, ciders, spirits, wine and champagne all in one little cart. Oh, and they provide the glassware. What else could you need?

So, ready to WOW your guests? I think you are!

Until next time xx


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