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Best On the Day Wedding Coordinator Brisbane QLD Kristie Mackay Haven Co Photography
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Best On the Day Wedding Coordinator Toowoomba Queensland Kristie Mackay Haven Co Photography

About Us

Here to make your special moment unforgettable
Your day is exactly that: your day. With a heaping of Excel sheets, a dash of colour-coding, and a generous sprinkle of personality, we are going to make a you-flavoured wedding.

You will be guided through the decision making process by me and my expertise, encouraged to make choices for YOU and no one else (we all have that one friend or family member), and hyped up throughout the whole process.

From planning the minute details to coordinating vendors behind-the-scenes, this wedding is going to come out so perfectly, you won’t even need to add icing.

Best On the Day Wedding Coordinator Toowoomba QLD Kristie Mackay Haven Co Photography
Best On the Day Wedding Coordinator Brisbane Queensland Kristie Mackay Haven Co Photography

Why Choose Us

Have you ever started a project, loved it, but gotten stuck or stressed halfway through? So much so that you procrastinate, give up, and end up hating the whole process and wishing you had someone who could just do the thing for you? *waves* Hey there!

As your wedding planner, we are here to support you from start to finish and take the big, messy details out of your hands so you don’t have to worry.

Instead of being inundated with vendors responding to your enquiries with different packages, prices, options and more, we will streamline the information for you in a simple, easy to read way. It really is as easy as Option 1, 2 or 3! Each offering is carefully vetted and considered for you and your needs, ensuring that you are equipped to make the best decision on vendors (Option 2 for you!) and that your vision is brought to life.

We are so ready to be the support you need us to be. Panicked phone call one week before about guest list numbers? Ready. Kick off the dancing to your favourite song? Keen. Cool professional at your beck and call through the evening? Absolutely.
Whatever you need, we have your back.

Voted #5 of Best Brisbane Wedding Planners | Easy Weddings 5 Star Award 2020 & 2021

Hey there,
i’m Mikaela!

Well, hi there! I’m Mikaela and I am here to be your right hand lady for all things WEDDING. From the very beginning of the planning process, you have me in your corner finding you the best vendors, discovering the perfect venue and so much more.

But how did I get here? After graduating from QUT (Queensland University of Queensland), I did what most bright-eyed grads do – applied for every job under the sun. Keen to show what I could do but unable to land a 9-5 role, I was hit with the reality that maybe I needed to think outside the box. I remembered something my mentor had once said: “There are three P’s to finding your calling. Passion, proficiency and payment; if you can find something that ticks all three, you’ve found your calling.” With that in mind, I looked around and saw that I might have found mine in wedding planning, and I was right!

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I love what I do; getting to work with amazing couples and vendors to make Pinterest dreams come true is a privilege I don’t take lightly.

Shall we get you married?

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