So, you’re trying to book a wedding date and you don’t know where to start. Been there! I picked mine based on 1) when my favourite photographer was available and 2) wanting the date to be odd numbers. But there are so many factors to consider when choosing a wedding date, so let’s get into it and see if we can help you pick the perfect date.

Dates with significance

If you want to commemorate something important, choosing a wedding date that already holds personal or worldwide significance is a very special way to do so. You may choose October 3rd because Aaron Samuels asked Cady what the date was on that day; maybe you pick December 25th or 24th or 31st because it’s a festive season already so why not? You might choose your birthday, your parents anniversary, Valentine’s day or even the Queen’s birthday. All those can be great ideas, but keep in mind that any date that coincides with a holiday may mean your friends and family aren’t available to attend. And, if you choose a date like your birthday, you’re likely to not celebrate as much or the same way because it’s a double celebration and people tend to think only one celebration is necessary to cover both (I disagree, throw all the parties! But, that’s just me).

Dates with good weather

If weather and temperature is your main concern, Spring and Autumn’s months are the most popular. In Australia, this means you’re looking at March and April, maybe May if it hasn’t gotten too cool, and then August, September and October. These are the perfect weather months if you’re after an outdoor wedding or something vibrant and nature-filled. You may encounter some light rain, but that’s what a marquee and wet-weather plans are for. If you look towards the warmer or cooler months, remember you will need to provide either air conditioning or heating for you and your guests.

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Dates that are fun or quirky

Every now and then a fun or super quirky date pops up in the calendar. In 2022, a popular one will be 02/02/2022. In 2013 and the preceding it, it was some variation of 11/12/2013 (10/11/2012 or 09/10/2011 etc.). In other years it was the dates that were all the same number like 11/11/2011 or 04/04/2004, though we’re a bit past this exact option these days. A bit fun and a bit quirky; if this is your style, there is always at least one or two dates that fit this style. Have a look through the calendar and you’re sure to find one. Be warned, these dates go quickly in terms of booking vendors and suppliers so if a quirky date is your desire, get in quick!

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Dates and days of the week

If you’re not fussed about anything we’ve already talked about when it comes to choosing your date, it usually comes down to the days of the week and when you can take off work for the wedding and honeymoon. Consider a weekday wedding (Monday – Thursday) if you’re looking to save a little cash; some venues offer special prices for weekdays because they’re less popular but most other vendors don’t, at least not in my experience. This can be especially helpful if you’re having a small and intimate wedding. Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular days to have weddings regardless of where you are, but there’s only 52-ish of those each year and a finite number of venues and vendors; there are many of each, don’t get me wrong, but if your heart is set on a particular venue, consider being flexible to a non-weekend date.

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Overall, pick a day that works for you with numbers you won’t cringe at every year for the rest of your life. And hey, there are 365 days in a year, so eventually, you’ll land on one you like so take your time to find the perfect day for you.

Until next time, keep making your special moments unforgettable


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