It’s cliche but true; hindsight is 20/20. Weeks or months on from your wedding, you’ll look back and think of just a few things you wish you had done differently or wish you had known before the big day. Here are the lessons I learned after my own wedding.

Wear a button-up during hair and makeup

There’s nothing worse than being in your PJs, chilling, your face is done, your hair one spritz of hairspray away from perfect and suddenly, you’ve got to get your shirt over your head without messing up the do’.

I swear you can lose half your face trying to stretch the collar of your shirt and lift it over your head.


The solution?

Your favourite button up!

If you’re leaving your bridal suite for hair and makeup, otherwise a cotton or silk robe is another great choice.

Super comfy, you can totally go bra-less if you like, and you can get matching or inscribed robes or button-ups for you and your bridesmaids to wear.

Cute photo opportunity or what?

Don’t wear your crisp white shirt during breakfast

Depending on your photo schedule you might have your photographers with the groom and his men first up to get those classic ‘getting ready’ snaps. This was the case on our big day and the men were dressed and ready before breakfast.


Of course, breakfast followed and what followed this was mildly catastrophic. One of the groomsmen was unfortunate enough to spill a classic meat pie all down their crisp. white. shirt.

Luckily, one of the other men was meant to wear a vest; a quick switch-a-roo and all was well!

All that to say, men, don’t wear your wedding suit while eating breakfast, or you might be stuck in a sticky situation.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but when you’ve just said ‘I do’ and all your family are trying to kiss and hug you and crying happy tears, it’s easy to forget to grab the cooler-bag on your way out for photos.


Allocate a member of your bridal party to be in charge of bringing a cooler-bag stocked with iced waters, snacks and an umbrella or two for the sunshine (or a shawl for those winter weddings) on your photoshoot.

One should never underestimate the power of a drink or snack to keep the energy up and the good times rolling.

Pack an emergency beauty bag

Oh no! Your niece was cuddled up on your lap during family photos and has just gotten red mud on your dress! Never fear, you’re prepared with an emergency beauty bag and it comes packed with goodies for exactly this occasion.

  1. A bottle of soda water and wet wipes (your best friend for getting food, mud and more out of your clothes. Remember: DAB it, don’t rub it)
  2. Safety pins and bobby pins (you never know when a strap will suddenly snap or your hair starts to slip)
  3. Tissues and makeup wipes (dab, dab, dab!)
  4. Deodorant or your perfume for the day (cause no one likes a funky smell when you’re hugging everyone you’ve ever known)
  5. Your shade of lipstick and foundation or powder (just in case you need a refresher)

A dash of soda water on a fresh wet wipe, dab, dab, dab and the red mud is gone and your dress is back to normal. You breathe a sigh of relief and are ready for the next photo, sans mud.

Utilise your bridal party to keep the food coming

If you’re having a sit-down dinner, it’s a bit easier to eat since you’re sitting for a large portion of your reception, but if you’re having a grazing table or canapes, it’s another story.

I remember asking one of my bridesmaids to grab me a cup of water and it took 20 minutes for her to get back to me.

Another managed to grab me a small plate of food (we had a grazing table) to eat during the speeches, but those two bites of cheese and three strawberries was all I had until my new husband and I grabbed take-out on the way to our honeymoon suite.


My suggestion?

Utilise your bridal party and arrange for them to hand you plates of food and drinks during the afternoon (or evening) as you mingle and celebrate.

You’ll stay fed and hydrated, and like we said; never underestimate the power of a snack and drink.

Until next time,
Keep making your special moments unforgettable x


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