Your Guide to Surviving Wedding Season

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Take off that face mask, dust off your dance moves, and send out your RSVPs because wedding season is upon us! Now that the world is moving on from pandemic mode, weddings are getting the go-ahead again, and I’m sure you’ve been invited to a few already. But it’s been a while! What are weddings again? What does the dress code mean? How do you prepare? What about gifts? If any of these questions are floating through your mind, or perhaps you have been avoiding thinking about it, never fear! Your guide to surviving wedding season is here! 


wedding guest portrait happy smiling


Whether it’s April or October, weddings are both beautiful and stressful. There are so many details to think about, even as a guest! However, I have boiled down the key components to help you prepare for the next wedding you attend. That way, you can relax and enjoy the day with confidence. Let’s get right into it. 



First things first, let the happy couple know you’ll be there! I know it can be tempting to wait till the last minute, especially with the last few years we have had, but if you put it into your calendar (and maybe a reminder or two prior, if that’s how you roll), then you know what you’re doing and can plan around it. Don’t be that guy who double books on the day of someone’s wedding. If an emergency does come up (or you have any symptoms), the bridal party will understand if you can’t make it on the day; just be sure to let them know as soon as you do. 


2. Gifts

Once you receive your invite, you will probably have access to the gift registry. Have a look and see what the couple are wanting to start their lives together with. I recommend choosing something that is meaningful or relevant to you, even if it is obscure. For example: the kettle, because you love to drink tea with that friend, or that crepe pan, because you happen to love crepes. This gives you something sweet to write in the card too. And make sure you check it off the list! Or, if you don’t quite find anything on the list, a cash gift with a card is a great way to go, so they can put it towards something they want. 


3. Dress Code

Once the early stuff is out of the way, you can focus on what you’re going to wear! You might already have the perfect thing in your wardrobe, or this may be a great excuse to purchase or make something new. Once you know the wedding is coming, you can start keeping an eye out for sales on your favourite brands, or plan something you want to make. However you put your outfit together, make sure you refer to the dress code first. If you need help on how to interpret dress codes, check out my blog post here


4. Shoes

You may wonder why this topic gets its own section, but as someone who has been to a lot of weddings, trust me! Comfortable shoes are a must. You may think “I’ll be seated through the ceremony and reception: I can wear those six-inch-heels!” But the reality is, there are plenty of times you will be on your feet. Whether it’s before the ceremony (because you will be early, not late), between ceremony and reception, or after dinner dancing – you want shoes that you can be in all day, but still look GOOD. For this, I highly recommend brands like Bared Footwear, that pair style and comfort expertly (for both men and women). 


5. What to take

This is where things get a little finicky, depending on what you wear and how you’re travelling. Whether you will have your car on hand, or only your pockets to fill, the number one must-have is access to some form of breath freshener. Your phone you can take in your hand (ready to snap a memory), but along with your mints you also need to tuck a tissue or two, and your lipstick for touch-ups. If you have a purse, then you can add things like deodorant or painkillers (and bandaids, if you don’t take my advice on the shoes). If you are wanting to be extra prepared, and are parking at the venue, then items like extra layers and a water-bottle are good to have on hand. You can also take a peek inside my Wedding Emergency Kit for further ideas. 


6. Before you leave

Make sure you plan your route ahead of time! And I don’t mean just putting the address into Google Maps and seeing how much time it will take – go over the route in detail so that you know your way around and what to look for when you get there. No, doing a practice drive out to the venue to suss it out isn’t too extra. In fact, that would be a fun activity for you and a friend who is also attending the event, so that you can avoid turning up in the middle of the bridal procession or getting lost amidst one-way streets. Aim to be at least half an hour early on the day too, to be sure you are not rushing or stressed, and can arrive fresh, calm, and confident. 


7. Hydrate

Whether you are drinking alcohol or not, hydration is crucial! Otherwise, you really will need those painkillers I mentioned earlier. Most venues will have water available throughout the event – take advantage of it. Aim for at least one glass per hour. Not only will that prevent a headache, but it will also keep your skin luminous, make talking easier, and dancing more fun. This is especially important if you are also having alcohol. Don’t let yourself dry out! 


8. Photobooth

If there is a photobooth, use it! Don’t let that moment pass you by. Make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity, participate in every activity, and make every memory possible. Weddings are way more fun when you get involved! Whether you are with your squad or riding solo, you will enjoy the event so much more if you make it your mission to try everything that the couple has prepared for you. 


9. Talk to people

You may know everyone at this wedding, or no one except the bride, but weddings are a great chance to talk to people. You already know you have one thing in common: start with the “So how do you know the couple?” and go from there! If there’s an opportunity, ask someone to dance. Don’t be there three years later talking to your wife about how you almost asked her to dance at that wedding you both attended, only to find out that she would have said yes. Make the most of the moment, be courageous, make memories!


BONUS: Time management

If you are attending multiple weddings, now is the time to streamline by doing things in bulk. Plan your cash gifts and do one withdrawal, book all of your accommodations in one go, order all gifts in one sitting, plan your petrol budget, or contact people for car-pooling. Wherever possible, save time by not having to repeat the process. 


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Alright, feeling ready now? If you have any other questions about how to prepare for a wedding as a guest, or a member of the bridal party, or the couple of the hour, please contact me and let me know! 


Now, remember to stay hydrated and make those memories! x




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